As a historic church, the first in O’Fallon, Cornerstone is uniquely able to connect an active and growing Christian faith with relevant ministry to the community. We’ve faced adversity on many fronts, from wars to tornados to cultural upheavals, and come through each challenge with a greater sense of purpose for God in this world. There are opportunities at this time in the church’s life to build on the ministries to children, youth, and adults in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ for generations to come.

So we’re launching DIVE IN, a three-year generosity initiative to support the next steps in our legacy of faith. Through our building expansion and renovation, we will develop greater ministry for the next generations and to the community.

We are deeply indebted to those many generations who led pioneering lives of faith in order for us to be who we are today. Now it’s up to us to build on the cornerstone of Jesus Christ!

Thank you for joining us on this journey of faith. I’m grateful to serve you and serve with you. I can’t wait to find out what God will do as we DIVE IN to our futures with Christ.

Dr. Mike